About US

From our Farm in North Somerset, Haylage 4 Horses specialises in making quality products with a great customer service and as an independant producer this allows us to taylor our services and deliverys to meet your needs and has lead to the ever growing success of our business moving from strength to strength.   

We have been producing quality products since 1998 and trading as Haylage 4 Horses since 2003.  Over the years we have built up a great reputation for quality and reliability, With a broad range of ever increasing customers from happy hackers to Racing stables, customer satisfaction is allways top of our priority list.

We own and maintain all the feilds in which our products are produced.  All products are produced for the equine market. Bales are produced naturally from our traditional meadow grass fields by our own fair hands ensuring we can monitor and maintain quality through every step of the process. 




Whats New


We are pleased to be launching our new web site to help our customers keep in touch and upto date with us and the services we offer.  Please bear with us as we continue to develope and improve this site

Paddock Maintenance


If your also looking for help to manage your feilds, Stables, Grazing etc. check out our sister company JON RICHARDS  CONTRACTING who carry out and paddock maintenance and much more


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