Our Hay Bales are currnelty produced in two size options conventional small bales and round bales please see below for further details

Small Bale Hay

Small Bale Hay

Small bales of hay are ideal for many small holders and horse owners as they are easy to handle and store and manuovre around your property with out the aid of expensive machinery.  Bales are typically around the 20Kg mark


We sell small bales of hay throughout the year (subject to availability) but to avoid any disapointment we recommned placing an order at the start of the season and we can deliver your order to you in full when made or as required during the winter months (subject to mimum delivery quants).


All our hay is made from traditionally farmed feilds of meadow grass without the use of chemical fertilisers or sprays keeping your hay as natural as possible.


deliverys can be made in bulk with tractors and trailers or in smaller quants with a van and trailer where access is more of an issue please contact us to disscuss your requirements

Round Bales of Hay

Round Bales of Hay

For thoose with more animals or the machinery to handle them, round bales prove to be a more cost effective way of feeding your animals.


Made in the exact same way as our small bales from nautral meadow grass the only process that differs is the type of baler used.


Delivery is avaialbe locally subject to quantities required etc. and is usally made by tractor and trailer

Whats New


We are pleased to be launching our new web site to help our customers keep in touch and upto date with us and the services we offer.  Please bear with us as we continue to develope and improve this site

Paddock Maintenance


If your also looking for help to manage your feilds, Stables, Grazing etc. check out our sister company JON RICHARDS  CONTRACTING who carry out and paddock maintenance and much more


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