Our Haylage Bales are generally produced in two size options Round bale Haylage and Small Bale Haylage please see below for further details


Small Bale Haylage

As with our other products our Small Bale Haylage is allways produced to the highest quality from traditionally farmed meadow grass feilds.  Bales are typically 25 - 30Kgs in weight when produced and are the same size as a conventional Hay bale.


All of our Small Bale Haylage comes wrapped in six layers of wrap to keep the Hayalge in top condition.


This is the ideal way for owners with only a couple of Horses wishing to feed haylage as oftern a round bale can be two big to use fast enough.  Also the small bale haylage is ideal for yards with access problems and our easy to move around.


Due to the wrapping these bales can also be stored outside without an issue. 


Delivery is possible subject to Delivery amounts and location, we cover a large area with small bale delivery From Bath to Taunton so please contact us with your requirements

Round Bale Haylage

Also Available our round bales of haylage measuring approx 4'4" made from our traditionaly farmed meadow grass. 


Round bales are ideal for stable or livery yards looking for the ecomny of bigger bales but without machinery to move the large square bales as owing to the nature of there shape these bales can be rolled around and generally can fit through a stable door.


Round bales are available for delivery around the North Somerset area subject to quantitiies required, bales can be delivered with a bale handler to avoid peircing the bale if not required for imediate use please contact us with your requirements

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Paddock Maintenance


If your also looking for help to manage your feilds, Stables, Grazing etc. check out our sister company JON RICHARDS  CONTRACTING who carry out and paddock maintenance and much more


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